Harvard Business Review Release

What M&A Looks Like During the Pandemic
By Mark Herndon of the M&A Leadership Council and John Bender of M&A Partners

When Covid-19 first began its impact on the US economy, M&A Leadership Council partnered with M&A Partners to do a survey - the results of which were recently published in Harvard Business Review. We wanted to understand how companies were addressing acquisitions during the coronavirus pandemic. As we all know, mergers and acquisitions are challenging in a healthy environment, looking into the future post-COVID, they may be even more difficult. We reached out to C-level executives from our alumni base. We received great feedback on current deals, deal value, deal-type objective, current challenges, and the state of internal M&A capabilities.

One key takeaway we learned is that now is the time to upgrade your organization’s M&A operating process, the playbooks, software solutions, and most important, skills and resources. This will help your M&A organization be ready for success and more quickly recover from the impact of COVID-19.  The M&A Leadership Council is still here to help you with that. Be sure to check out some of our upcoming online training courses!