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The M&A Leadership Council is here to help your team achieve Merger & Acquisition success, with global expertise in Due Diligence, Integration, Legal, Regulatory, M&A Intelligence, Communications, HR, and IT.


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Watch unscripted video reviews from actual M&A Leadership Council training participants about their experiences at our events


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Upcoming Training

October 22–24, 2019
Scottsdale, AZ / Oct 2019
November 5–7, 2019
Orlando, FL / Nov 2019
January 21–23, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ / Jan 2020
April 14–16, 2020
San Diego, CA / April 2020
May 12–14, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ / May 2020

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The group of alumni we’ve trained includes more than 3,000 M&A executives from over 600 companies

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“Excellent training--practical application, great tools and material, complemented with experienced, effective presenters.  Any company can learn and apply best practices immediately.”
President and Chief Executive Officer
MicroSeismic, Inc.
Picture of Stacey Kinley
“The Art of M&A training was fantastic. It's wonderful to know we are aligned with best practices. While we are an experienced group, the new enhancement ideas and practices I’m taking away will enrich our integrations."
M&A Program Manager, M&A Integrations
Picture of Amy Rumford
“The M&A integration workshop provided expert guidance and real-life examples of both best practices to utilize and pitfalls to avoid.”
Director, EBG Transformation
Photo of Mar Spieler
“Fantastic workshop.  Great use of my time.  Learned a tremendous amount about pre-acquisition planning and integration.”
Director - Mergers and Acquisitions