M&A Leadership Council: The Art of M&A

Training for Merger & Acquisition Executives and Professionals

"The Art of M&A Due Diligence" in Dallas / Mar 26-27, 2015

A "Fly-In" Deep Dive Training Conference Addressing Operations Fit and Value, Processes, Tools & Best Practices    

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Course Content, Case Studies, Tools, Templates and Checklists Available to Attendees for Future Reference

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"The Art of Technology Integration" in Dallas / Feb 26-27, 2015

A "Fly-In" Deep Dive Training Conference About Managing and Leveraging IT While Linking Business Activities and Priorities 

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Developing the Full Cost of an M&A coverHow do you determine the fully burdened cost of an M&A?

Our FREE white paper, "Developing the Full Cost of an M&A" contains valuable templates and case studies designed to help you capture the true acquisition costs of doing a deal.  What are the integration costs, and how can you identify the break-even point?  Download it now and find out.

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