The Art of M&A® Integration

Course Summary

Discover the integration secrets of successful serial acquirers. Integration often takes longer and proves more expensive than anticipated. The right focus on critical areas of integration effectiveness will help your M&A team preserve maximum deal value. In this program, you’ll gain the key tools, strategic framework and processes to more effectively plan and execute M&A integrations. From setting the strategic context for integration planning and execution, to understanding key IT considerations, this training program dives deep into the entire integration life cycle.

Our unique workshop-style programs include case studies, breakout sessions and panel discussions, along with ample time for networking with presenters and colleagues.

Topics include:

  • The business case for effective M&A integration
  • M&A integration life cycle
  • Determining M&A integration strategy
  • Strategic diligence: Business fit & value assessment
  • Transitioning from diligence to integration
  • Integration framework
  • Managing the integration process
  • Concept of operations
  • Change management and communications
  • Internal readiness
  • Culture assessment

New Session:
"Best Practices for Modern M&A Playbooks" 

To meet the needs of today’s increasingly complex mergers and acquisitions, many experienced acquirers are upgrading their company’s M&A Playbooks to be more than checklists and blank templates. This interactive session will identify best practices and ideas to help you turn your Playbook into a more dynamic and effective M&A capability-building solution. Discussion topics will include:

  1.  Flexible Framework – Adapt your Playbook for different deal types and sizes.
  2. Full Deal Life Cycle – Design your Playbook to address all deal phases, from start to finish.
  3. Roles & Responsibilities – Map complex roles, responsibilities and interdependencies of teams.
  4. Skill Building and Knowledge Transfer – Capture the experience of your teams while providing “what to/how to” support for new SMEs and PMs.
  5. Hit the “Sweet Spot” of Tools – Define the right master set of priority tools, templates and artifacts to provide guidance and direction without overwhelming your team.
  6. Deliver via a Multi-Function Digital Platform – Learn how your Playbook can enhance M&A digital platforms to maximize access, collaboration, visibility, accountability and efficiency.

Other Featured Topics:

  • Key People/HR Issues in Integration
  • Legal Aspects of Integration
  • Considerations in IT Integration

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