The Art of M&A® for Divestitures & Carve-Outs

Course Summary 

Prepare for the new era of mergers and acquisitions, where divestitures will be a strategic staple for business growth. Though divestitures share some features of acquisitions, they are usually much more complicated. This program is a must for C-level executives, Corporate Development officers and functional leaders who will be planning and executing effective divestitures to increase corporate value. This training program walks through the entire life cycle of a divestiture, from analyzing key business drivers and structuring the Transition Services Agreement (TSA), to dealing with dynamic change management issues and optimizing the remaining business.

Our unique workshop-style programs include case studies, breakout sessions and panel discussions, along with ample time for networking with presenters and colleagues.

Topics Include:

  • Overview: Similarities and differences between acquisitions and divestitures; best practices; lessons learned; and critical success factors
  • The business drivers for divestitures and spin-offs
  • Divestiture types and setting your strategy
  • Divestiture life cycle, with focus and priorities at each stage
  • Preparing for sale -  Seller's due diligence
  • Structuring and managing the Transition Services Agreement (TSA)
  • Dealing with people issues: Sell-side and buy-side
  • Optimizing seller's remaining business
  • IT divestiture lessons learned and best practices

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