The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition

Art of M&A 5th Edition cover

The definitive guide to every facet of the M&A deal — the most trusted resource for practitioners of all levels.

From valuation and financing, to structuring and due diligence, to closing and integration, The Art of M&A delivers comprehensive, authoritative answers to 1,000 M&A questions—and this new edition covers a host of important new topics, including:

  • Latest trends for global deal volume
  • The impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
  • “Tuck in” tech and talent deals
  • Techniques for valuing artificial intelligence
  • New landmark M&A legal cases
  • Divestitures – Not just acquisitions in reverse

Whether you’re a corporate executive, investment banker, M&A attorney, accountant, or student, you won’t find a guide more thorough, accurate and straightforward than The Art of M&A.