New M&A Training Topics as Prophet Joins the M&A Leadership Council  


Press Release - Prophet Joins the M&A Leadership Council 
Submitted by M&A Leadership Council 


DALLAS – March 12, 2019 – The M&A Leadership Council today announced that Prophet has joined the Council as the Growth and Brand Strategy training partner. The Council is dedicated to identifying best practices and establishing standards for the M&A community through our certification program and training in the Art of M&A. More than 3,000 corporate executives have attended our training events that provide methods, tools and expertise to improve outcomes of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Prophet is a global consultancy that helps clients find uncommon growth through marketing, brand strategy, experience, innovation and digital transformation. Over the past 25 years, Prophet has helped more than 500 of the world’s largest companies establish relevance and drive growth by creating customer experiences that foster brand loyalty. They combine strengths in building relevant brands, transforming customer experiences and accelerating growth, with their extensive digital expertise to help companies grow better in the short and long term.
Jim Jeffries, Chairman of the M&A Leadership Council, noted, “We are excited to add Prophet to our unique team of experts, advisors and luminaries from the M&A field. Brand strategy, experience and digital transformation have come into their own as fundamental considerations and areas of expertise required to launch and maintain relevance in the marketplace, and we consider Prophet to be the best.”
“Having worked with companies around the world to drive growth through M&As, we know that brand and marketing issues are too often misunderstood, under-appreciated or pushed downstream. Yet, when companies take an evidence-based, analytical approach, they capture significant upside value while managing downside risk. We are delighted to join the M&A Leadership Council to help companies close this value gap and bring customers deeper into the M&A process.” – Josh Feldmeth, Prophet Senior Partner and M&A Practice Lead.
About the M&A Leadership Council
The Council has trained and advised more than 600 companies in a series of public seminars and management briefings on The Art of M&A. Topics range from strategy and readiness to due diligence, integration, and divestitures. More than 3,000 M&A executives have attended the training over the last 9 years. The Council also provides proprietary tactical tools and in-house training to companies desiring more successful mergers and acquisitions. Learn more about the M&A Leadership Council at
About Prophet
Prophet is a consultancy that helps clients find uncommon growth through marketing, brand, experience, innovation and organization & culture capabilities. They operate differently than other consultancies, blending insight, strategy and creativity with an optimistic yet pragmatic approach.
They have partnered with some of the world’s most successful companies, including Electrolux, T-Mobile, UBS, Gatorade and GE. With ten global offices and more than 350 experts in marketing, innovation, digital and design, they are able to bring together the right people with the right experience to solve their clients’ business challenges. To learn more about Prophet, visit their website at